If you are a THX Certified Video Calibrator and not on this list....Please post your info http://www.lionavtech.com/forum/show...listed-by-Area

Remember that a THX Certified Video Calibrator that is performing a THX Certified Video Calibration will be submitting the calibration results to THX Ltd. for certification and you will be receiving a THX Calibrated Video plaque from the calibrator.

THX Certified Video Calibrators - Listed by Country and State


Stephen Roach at hdtv-calibration.com - Southern Arizona
Lee Gallagher at Advanced Audio Visual - Arizona (Occassional tours of the southwest)

Ray Coronado at SoCal HT – Southern California
Vince Mastrosimone at HD Calibrations - So Cal's San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire and Orange County
David Voncannon at D & E Associates - Southern California
David Abrams at Avical - Based in SoCal but travel throughout US
Chuck Williams at Lion AV - San Francisco and Northern CA
Larry Ligon at Home Theater Calibration - Sonoma County, California
Helmut Kaczmarek at FinalTouch AV - Southern California
Chris Cormeau at Accent Automation - Los Angeles, CA
Zayd Bhimla at Mr Home Theater - Northern California, specifically the greater SF bay area
Chris Long at Veracity AV - Southern CA; Yuma, AZ
Doug Blackburn at db Theatrical - San Francisco East Bay and surrounding areas
Robert Heron at Heron Fidelity - Bay Area, California

G. Alan Brown at Cinema Quest inc. - Denver Metro

Greg Erianne at All High Def LLC - CT, MA, NJ

Stephen Cooper at Digital Video Calibrations - Jacksonville Florida and the surrounding areas
Don McLaughlin at Precision Video Calibrations - Florida
Buzz Schranz at Naples Display Calibration - Southwest Florida and Central Wisconsin

Adam Pelz at Bespoke Cinemas - Georgia, Southeast
Charles Cooper at Cinetune - Greater metropolitan Atlanta Georgia
Scott Britt at Interlaced Productions - North Georgia/Metro Atlanta

Doug Weil at Clearly Resolved - IL, MO, AR, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, NC, ND, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX
Jon Gosling at Classified Concepts - Chicago, IL
Jim Crilly at Empirical A/V - Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin

Shawn Byrne at Sound Advice HT - Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Eastern North Dakota and Eastern South Dakota.

Gregg Loewen at Lion AV - New England and Eastern Seaboard down to the greater DC area, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Zygmunt Wojewoda at Perfect Home Theater - MA, RI, NH, VT

Michael Wright at Speedy Techs - Michigan/Northern Ohio

Luke Kampschmidt at HD Purity - Missouri, Kansas

Sam Sanders at Custom Audio Video, LLC. - S.W. Montana

Keith W. Harrison at Total Home Technologies - New Jersey and parts of New York

Ed Johnson at EJ Video Calibration LLC - NY, NJ
Marcus Lebeau at United Radio - Upstate New York & Syracuse
Louie Sumien at Advanced Cinema Calibration - New York Metropolitan area and Long Island

Chad Billheimer at HDTV by Chad B - OH, IN, MI, IL, WV, VA, MD, PA, KY and others during occasional tours

Dave Horoschak at deciBel Productions - Eastern PA, NJ, NY Metro
Jeff Robeson at Optimized Audio and Video Systems, LLC - Pennsylvania (entire state), Maryland, Deleware, Virgina, California
Fred Dietzel at Enhanced Audio & Video - PA

Anthony Lester at Clearpoint ISF - South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Surrounding States

Darren Orta at Audio Video Calibrations - Houston/Southeast Texas
Sonny DiFranco at Home Theatre Guru - Austin and Central Texas

Jonathan Law at REAL Audio Video - Utah

Lyle Corbin at Crystal Clear Home Theater - Seattle and Eastside Metropolitan Areas
Tyler Pruitt at Bionic AV - Seattle & Western Washington
David Hutter at Hutter Home Theater - Seattle, Wa

Michael Chen at The Laser Video Experience - Calgary & Edmonton and Central / Southern Alberta, BC, Regina, Winnipeg, GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana
Mike Osadciw at Highest Fidelity Calibrations -
Ontario (All: South, Central, East, North) through and surrounding Windsor, GTA, Ottawa, Sudbury. Tours: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Newfoundland & Labrador, Yukon & N.W.T., Nunavut
Mark Kaye at AV Fusion - Ottawa, Montreal, GTA
Marius Bleier at b-tronics - British Columbia, Canada
Corey Robb at West Coast Home Theatres - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Cameron Morrison at Architronics - GTA, Southern & Central Ontario, Halifax NS, Caribbean
Greg Donn at Quantum Vision Calibrations - Greater Toronto Area
Jeff Wolstenholme at EVS - Calgary & Southern Alberta
Craig Ring at Picture Perfection - Ottawa and Eastern Ontario
Holden Breau at Pure Video - Ontario, quebec, new brunswick, nova scotia, pei, newfoundland & labrador

Desmond Chow at Chilli Media - Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen (China)

Peter Smak at Smak Video Tech - Czech Republic / Slovakia

Jonas Heilesen at Hi-Fi Klubben - Denmark, based in Aarhus

Walter Heitz at videosound.fr - Bourges, France - Brussels Belgium
Sylvain Bartoli at video-hc-concept-calibration - France

Thomas Mochalski at mgr international gmbh - Germany
Thomas Riepe at mgr international gmbh - Germany

Mohammed Vasif at Audisee - Coimbatore and surrounding areas

Jonathan David Adair at Home Cinema AV - Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe


Simon Dagostino at Doneo Co, Ltd - Hamrun

Gøran Rønne at AV calibration - Based in Oslo, but will travel on request
Gorm Sorensen at ProCal - Norway

Nam Sik Choi at RealHD - South Korea

Antonio Nuñez at HomeFUTURA - Spain
David Valencia at DIGITAL LUXE - Spain

Chen Chih Wei at WEIAVSHOP - Taiwan


Wichai Pawitwatana at Deco 2000 Co.,Ltd. - Thailand

Dr Julian Scott at DisplayCalibration.co.uk - Midlands & surrounding
Dean Morris at AV Aficionado - London & Surrounding
Ricky Jennings at ChromaPure UK/Kalibrate Limited - South-East & Surrounding (UK)
Mark Hodgkinson at AVForums.com - Northern England (UK)
Steve Withers at Storm Front - South West England (UK)
Mark Cheffins at CalibrateAV - UK